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  1. Hi all, I have a Labview application in which I want the user to be able to create any number of floating panels that could be [value displays/interactive panels/status information]. Different panel types can be different sizes. I also need these panels to be dockable and the dock area must be scrollable if there are too many panels. I have done something similar already, where I clone any number of template VIs. However, this only gets me a fraction of the way. Is there still no way to instantiate controls dynamically? I have played with panes and drag and drop, but this didn't get me far either. The best I have so far is to drag controls into an array, but of course all the controls must be identical in type and size. Is there a way to instantiate a VI from a template and then transfer the created controls from the instantiated VI to the main VI? I have seen the example that does docking with SubPanels, but that doesn't help much either. Many thanks, Christie
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