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Found 6 results

  1. We often need to let our users select an item from a list. When it comes to making UI elements to achieve this that are a bit more sophisticated than a table, listbox or tree, LabVIEW's current capabilities leave a lot to be desired. Here's an alternative using HTML and CSS. The current example provides an interface for selecting an item from a thumbnail grid, similar to Windows Explorer. Run "Thumbnail Grid .NET Browser.vi" or "Thumbnail Grid ActiveX Browser.vi" from the attached code folder. The .NET version provides a cleaner interface as it provides a bit more control over its behavior
  2. Hello, Bit of an odd one and I am probably doing something fundamentally wrong however I am fairly new to OOP. Essentially I have a hierarchy of 3 items say A, B and C. I have a DD VI called "ModifyUI.vi" in each class and I am calling this VI and its parents in parrallel (Probably not a great idea but it is my end goal). After each "ModifyUI.vi" has completed doing what it needs to I would then like to collect each VI's data as they were all run in parrallel back into the initial class that called them all. I have attached an overview of what I am trying to achieve in a mockup of
  3. Hello, Before, going any further let me answer the question that I know you will ask: "Why would you want to do THAT?" We are creating a LabVIEW instrument driver for a new instrument. The instrument manufacturer wants to provide also an instrument driver in the form of a dll. They are aware that if the DLL is built with LabVIEW the end users will need the LabVIEW RunTime Engine and they are OK with this. (At least for now). So, LabVIEW users will get a LabVIEW palette API installed in their palettes that will let them communicate with the instrument. Other developers would get the DL
  4. I have a hierarchy of classes. Call them Grandparent, Parent and Child. I have a dynamic dispatch VI in grandparent that child overrides. In the child implementation, I want to access data in the parent class control. The template in the grandparent has two inputs of type grandparent. The dynamic one and a static one. The dynamic one is used to dispatch to the correct child. (this is because grandparent has more than one parent sub class and these have more than one child subclasses) The static one is used to pass in a parent object so the child has access to its data between calls. (
  5. I'm trying to create some monitoring software that can monitor 20-30 clones. Each clone does the reading and tracking of a particular unit. I have a central VI that should launch and kill the various clones. I know it's nothing that hasn't been done before and it seems simple enough, but I've been having problems with "Error Code 1: Generate User Event in (name of VI)" which apparently means the Event isn't firing properly. I'm not seeing the error in this set of VIs though, which is good and bad because a) it works but b) I don't know what the problem is when it doesn't. I'm fairly positive
  6. Hi all, I have a Labview application in which I want the user to be able to create any number of floating panels that could be [value displays/interactive panels/status information]. Different panel types can be different sizes. I also need these panels to be dockable and the dock area must be scrollable if there are too many panels. I have done something similar already, where I clone any number of template VIs. However, this only gets me a fraction of the way. Is there still no way to instantiate controls dynamically? I have played with panes and drag and drop, but this didn't get me
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