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  1. Here's an update/resolution for everyone else following this topic: I received the VI(s) from user mje and tested his code. As expected, the error reproduced in retail release version of LabVEW 2011. Great news: the previous issue we fixed also fixed this code! Here is a screenshot of the profiler running the code mje submitted: As I told mje via email: I will talk to the powers that be and see if I can get the fix added in to LabVIEW 2011 SP1. If for some reason it cannot be added into SP1, it will most likely be integrated into the release after that. As for whether that's actually the code that mje gave me or not... you'll just have to ask him
  2. Wonderful. When including directions, please be specific! I just started on the LabVIEW team in July and have had very little exposure to LV prior to that. Thanks!
  3. Hi there. Could you post a link to the VIs that are giving you trouble here? If you don't feel comfortable posting the VIs publically, you can always privately email them to me at doug.tucker@ni.com I would like to do some further testing, as we've recently addressed and fixed an issue with astronomical numbers in the profiler (hopefully the fix will cover this case as well). If not, we will look into it!
  4. Expanding upon the idea of a .ini token... depending on how many dialogs this could affect (say, 5 or less), each could have its own .ini token. If more dialogs are affected, they could all share one token and it could be an unsigned integer where the integer holds information on whether a certain dialog should be displayed or not. For example, say the token value is 56. That's 111000 in binary. That could represent windows 1, 2, and 3 should not be displayed (the lower 3 bits) and windows 4, 5, and 6 should be displayed. There could also be an entry into the Tools->Settings dialog where users can select which dialogs are displayed (along with a "Show All" and "Show None" button that selects/deselects all). While this is a great idea, it isn't within the scope of the topic. I was originally looking for dialogs that need to be reworded. The .ini token idea though is a great idea! I think it should be submitted to the idea exchange and see how other users feel about it.
  5. Hi! I recently started working at NI and I'm interested in what dialog/error messages LabVIEW throws that the users find confusing/ambiguous/useless. A good example is a case where LabVIEW (not a user-built VI) opens a dialog box with "Press OK to [perform some action] or Cancel to [perform some other action]" with an OK/Cancel button. The point here is that OK and Cancel buttons themselves don't describe what is actually going to happen, and that makes them sort of useless. I would like to find examples of these in LabVIEW. Feel free to reply back, preferably with a VI or project I can load and reproduce the ambiguous dialog or error. Some more background: I just started working at NI and with LabVIEW just shy of a month ago. As such, I'm slowly learning more and more about LabVIEW, but I don't have the insight that many of you, the end users, have. Hence, here I am! I'm hoping I can learn a lot from the LabVIEW "veterans" here.
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