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  1. I was very excited to recently find the MySQL connectors for LabVIEW. There was a free/OS one posted on NI, and there was a pay for proffesionally supported one from Safir over in France. (www.safir.fr) I think a Lava member developed the free one. After I got the PO together for the Safir version, my boss tells me we may be switching to PostgreSQL, and BAM, I am back to square one. Why does it matter? Because our code base is supposed to run the same on Windows, Linux and cRIO depending and need and circumstance. Now there is a Sourceforge project for LabVIEW and PostgreSQL, but it relies
  2. Recently I was tangentially involved in a software management mess where the fact that a 3rd party LabVIEW add on was not in our source control (SVN) made it very difficult to build a new binary of a previous revision. This particular add on has many revisions. It is a work in progress as we and the 3rd party do R&D on the application. In addition they are primarily PhD's in something other the Software Engineering. The code shows this and noteably the pinouts to the applications VIs change from revision to revision. I think the OO jargon for this is Highly Coupled, meaning certain revis
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