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  1. @above all : You guys are right when I read my questions again I feel I am asking on a broad perspective. I will target my questions to a specific problem. This is possible only when I do things. The usual problems with beginner I will be back when I hit some hard stone. Thanks guys
  2. Hey guys, Thanks ! ... I got the XY 2D scan using stepper motors done! ... Now the major step is how can I read in the values that I get from the photosensor that is connected to the DAQ board and put it into 2D array ?? This 2D array later can be used to display images. I need a start this. Please help!
  3. Hello, I am a research student and I am trying to get the following done: 1.A laser hits on a target. the laser point is scanned on the surface of the target. X-Y scan supported by 2 stepper motors are controlled by a labview program to move the target in X-pixels and Y-pixels. 2. The light that is reflected off the target is taken in by the detector. These analog values are converted to digital using a DSP board. This is my DAQ control board. these values are to be stored in a 2-D array and later used to form an image. My problems: I dont really understand how to control the x-y scanning sytem and how to read in the measurements and form the image. I am a beginner in labview. Any help and suggestions on this will be appreciated.
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