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Found 2 results

  1. In my job I develop in-house machine vision and image processing solutions for my company. In industrial machine vision and inspection, there are several main players (Cognex, Keyence, Matrox, Halcon, etc.) LabVIEW and IMAQ are not totally out of the picture but are far from common for manufacturing applications. I try to use LabVIEW whenever I can because I find it's great for quickly prototyping proof-of-concept systems. I use the Vision Acquisition and Vision Development Module toolkits extensively. For the most part, the functions provided by NI meet my needs. Increasingly though, I find myself pushing their limits, and yearning for the functionality offered by some of the competition. In some cases I can leverage these external libraries but that can be cumbersome. Aside from a couple of older, paid LabVIEW libraries from third party companies, I can't find much out there to complement the IMAQ palettes. 1.) Are there quality VIs out there and I'm just not seeing them? 2.) Is there an appetite for them? 3.) Would anyone be interested in working (with me or otherwise) on an open-source image processing toolkit?
  2. Hello, I am a research student and I am trying to get the following done: 1.A laser hits on a target. the laser point is scanned on the surface of the target. X-Y scan supported by 2 stepper motors are controlled by a labview program to move the target in X-pixels and Y-pixels. 2. The light that is reflected off the target is taken in by the detector. These analog values are converted to digital using a DSP board. This is my DAQ control board. these values are to be stored in a 2-D array and later used to form an image. My problems: I dont really understand how to control the x-y scanning sytem and how to read in the measurements and form the image. I am a beginner in labview. Any help and suggestions on this will be appreciated.
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