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  1. Hi! I'm a lucker then... I'm writing and reading from Madrid (Spain). I work with PXI-RT, cFP and recently with cRIO. I started using LV6... a long time ago! Now I use LV7.1 and LV2010. I recently found an interesting quote: "A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible." I think that's why we all come here: generally you can find someone who already solved your problems
  2. Just found out why my VI was closing LabVIEW. The first "Call Library Function" was using "Calling Conventions = C" instead of "stdcall (WINAPI)". Now, the VI doesn't close LV, but timesout on the call to function "select" (befor the "recvfrom"). It actually behaves the same running on my PC or on PXI-RT. Could anyone have an idea ? Thanks again g_l_u_p ping_PharLap_LV711.vi
  3. Hello everyone, My project: We have 2 PXI-RT communicated by 2 connections: a fiber optics connection (not Ethernet), and an Ethernet connection. The FO connection is the main connection used to wsend a receive data. The Ethernet connection is only use when the FO connection is lost, in order to check if the "mute PXI" has lost the FO connection but is still on, or if the PXI has been switched off. The problem: Originally we used the "RT Ping controllers.vi" on the "Real-Time Utilities", but unluckily we changed the PXI controller and the new one is not supported by the library. The main issue is the application was developed using LV7.1 and cannot be upgraded. Options already disscarted: We tried opening a TCP connection, but the operation takes too long. I found this great VI, but its for LV2010. I tried it and it works perfectly. (http://forums.ni.com...er/td-p/1535420) I tried translating it to LV7.1, but something is wrong, because LV closes as soon as I play Run Have any of you worked using wsock32.dll on a PXI? Best regards, g_l_u_p ping_PharLap_LV711.vi
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