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  1. hi .. have done without event structure ...just used cross rule with todd code..it worked ...thanks again..
  2. Thanks for the reply todd...event structure is good to generate digital 1's and 0's but for analog control it eats CPU memory and deteriorates the performance of my program.. this is part of my code thats y maximum i avoid event structure for analog control.. Believe me i used slide control to control the valve..it seems to be fine for half an hour operation after that it starts eating cpu and hangs PC for few seconds and came back to control again and found that eats cpu memory ...i reported this issue to NI... Anyway is it possible to do without event structure... Thanks todd once again for your quick reply...
  3. Dear friends, i want to store an element to the fixed array say two dimensional array has 10 rows and 3 columns and i want to store each and every element generated by knob to be stored into that 2D array one by one. when all rows and columns get filled then array has to update the element again by overwriting from starting.... here i tried using crossrule for this issue..but arrays goes on increasing ..i want fixed array size to be updated for every 10 iterations....and another basic method i tried but all the rows and columns get filled with same data generated by knob... anyhelp would be appreciated.... store 10 different elements 1.vi
  4. @jcarmody... i always thought of true or false for case structure ..it dint strke me at all this simple method instead i tried something complex...thanks for your solution... its really good ...i cud avoid that occassional error but that 0 rare error bit difficult to avoid ...will try to increase the loop speed to avoid that instant 0 error which happens in rare occassion. anyhow dude....thanks for your reply and solution...really nice talking to you...
  5. @jcarmody yes exactly, i want to ignore the occasional error..output will be true until (0-2) conditions falls on the range and change it to false similarly output will be false(latch) until (3-10) falls on the range and change it to true(latch)...hope u understand... Do you want the output to be True if it begins between 3 and 10 and never go False, regardless of changes in the input? yes exactly thats where i want to latch it as true until it falls on the range 0-2. but problem is some time it touches 1 or 2 and latch has been released and it goes to false due to this overshooting occurs in the output..it should be true until it touches 0... hope u understand.. Thanks for your reply
  6. @jcarmody assume there wont be negative value as well as greater than 10 ...if i connect any sensor that will start from 0 to 10...if something found..value will be varying 3 to 10 but problem is sometimes it comes to zero at any instant due to error this should not be happened...thats y i want to latch it as true...if nothing found 0 will be the value from sensor but due to tolerance limit sometimes it will also be varying from 0 to 2 at any instant , this value i want to latch as false and this will be continued...hope u understand the problem...and help me out of this... Thank you very much for your reply again...
  7. @jcarmody n @AustinCann thanks for your reply... @jcarmody Single input has to check two condition as indicated in my first post...just for understanding purpose, i had shown three output..actually X + Y indicated in the program is the correct output rest of them not required... @AustinCan As am not updated to version 11, i couldnt open your vi in the version 10. could you please upload it in v10. thank you single input --->it has to check two condition here and latch accordingly---> single case structure --->single output please ask me anymore input u need to understand further. Thanks in advance
  8. Dear all, I want to latch the two condition separately whenever it satisfies and some where am missing something to latch ..kindly help me to get rid out of this . lemme explain If condition one falls on the range 3 to 10 then it should be latched as True no matter what then. if condition two falls on the range 0 to 2 then it should be latched as False and has to reset the condition 1 and vice versa . Herewith i have attached the VI for your kind persual. am waiting for your valuable reply. Thanks in advance. latching.vi
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