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Found 8 results

  1. Hello ! I've been trying to solve this problem for two days and I really need help on this. So I have a weekly progress table as below : As long as there's already a non-empty column for the PES #, the rest of the empty column after that non-empty column needs to show 0%. How should I do this? I need to make it into this table as below: Thank you so much in advance !
  2. hello everybody, i want to index column 0~39,how to achieve and simplify thank you for help array.vi
  3. 1: How to get last index, not last element, but last index number of an 2d array? Also 2: say 2d array has contents elephant crow dog goat giraffe eagle cat fly ant pig horse bee How to get that the bee is the 12th or 11th index in the array? (11 if you count elephant as zero index, 12 if you count elephant as first index), meaning I want the index number 11 or 12, not "bee"
  4. Hello, I am having trouble on learning what to do after you input a file into labVIEW. I cannot seem to find help on this topics. I have seen many videos and tutorials on how to read and write excel/text (.csv) files. But, I am not able to do anything after importing an text/excel file into labVIEW. So, I was wondering if someone had a simple VI that they could share. In the end, I want to do some automation so it will read a number and a status from excel. And then that number and status will either turn on or off a switch which controls something else. Anyways, I would greatly appreciate if someone could share a VI as an example of how to manipulate the data to control something after you import a text/excel file into labVIEW.
  5. (If this is not the right forum, please move as appropriate) Yesterday, I was trying to capture the "key down?" event on a string array control. I noticed that the event would never get fired while typing into one of the strings in the array. The event does fire if you type in the index control of the array. My question: Is this expected behavior or a bug? After trying a few things, I can get the behavior I want by getting a reference to the "ArrElem" and registering it for the "key down?" event and passing the into the dynamic event terminal. This is fine for my purposes and will implement my code in this fashion. However, I certainly was not expecting this event to behave in this way. I guess I could see why this may be the case (you are typing into a string control, not an array) but curious what other people think... This was all done in LV2013. Thanks!
  6. I've run into an interesting problem using the Open G variant library. When trying to extract a list of cluster element names from a cluster in an empty array of clusters in a cluster itself, I get the following error from the Open G "Get Cluster Element Names VI": An example VI showing the problem is attached. At first I thought the problem was due to the fact the array is empty, but asking for cluster names of an empty array of clusters that is not in a larger cluster completes without error. Any thoughts on the cause or solution to this problem? empty array of clusters problem.vi
  7. Dear friends, i want to store an element to the fixed array say two dimensional array has 10 rows and 3 columns and i want to store each and every element generated by knob to be stored into that 2D array one by one. when all rows and columns get filled then array has to update the element again by overwriting from starting.... here i tried using crossrule for this issue..but arrays goes on increasing ..i want fixed array size to be updated for every 10 iterations....and another basic method i tried but all the rows and columns get filled with same data generated by knob... anyhelp would be appreciated.... store 10 different elements 1.vi
  8. Hello all, I have the following problem. I'm using an external DLL in LabVIEW and one of the functions require a structure as an input parameter. Here's the structure: struct Pippo { DWORD ipAddress; DWORD centerFrequency; Pluto* array }; struct Pluto { DWORD size DWORD address } The function prototype is the following: myfunction( Pippo input ) I've used the Import Library Wizard from LabVIEW and it extract every field from the structures. So what I get as the function inputs is: ipAddress,centerFrequency,size,address. So basically the array is not treated and I get the 1097 error: LabVIEW: An exception occurred within the external code called by a Call Library Function Node. The exception might have corrupted the LabVIEW memory. Save any work to a new location and restart LabVIEW. I've read other threads from this forum and I tried to create the Pluto array of clusters but still the same error. How can I run the function correctly with these parameters? Thanks,
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