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  1. Hello guys, I wasnt' able to manage the DLL as suggested so I did a wrapper DLL in CVI in order to be called from LabVIEW and now it looks ok. Thanks, Andrea
  2. Thanks guys for the answers. I'm sorry I forgot an information. In the Pippo structure there's an extra field that tells me the dimension of Pluto. struct Pippo { DWORD ipAddress; DWORD centerFrequency; BYTE PlutoArraySize Pluto* array } So I know how many elements are in the Pluto array. I'm going to try what you suggested and let you know. Thanks,
  3. Hello all, I have the following problem. I'm using an external DLL in LabVIEW and one of the functions require a structure as an input parameter. Here's the structure: struct Pippo { DWORD ipAddress; DWORD centerFrequency; Pluto* array }; struct Pluto { DWORD size DWORD address } The function prototype is the following: myfunction( Pippo input ) I've used the Import Library Wizard from LabVIEW and it extract every field from the structures. So what I get as the function inputs is: ipAddress,centerFrequency,size,address. So basically the array is not treated and I get the 109
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