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  1. Hi Grey, Assume that on the 230V supply side it is protective earth rather than ground. Got in mind that inside the computer the "AI GROUND" is connected to protective earth. You have to make sure that your DC power supply is completely isolated from mains, including protective earth. When there are no other connections (i. e. surprises) you can go ahead. Regards, Espelkamper
  2. ... and warranty periode, i. e. some years vs. a couple of months only ... and kind of service, i. e. on-site vs. bring-in
  3. Hi, Could be this involves some more like - type and number of interfaces, i. e. RS232 - type and number of slots, i. e. ISA - better power supply, i. e. more output power to drive additional cards - thermal management optimized for rack fitting - stability and reliability Hope this helps. Espelkamper
  4. Hi Grey, Strange thing. Maybe you could have tried using a different PCI slot First, but I See you tried in a different PC. Is there still any warranty from NI? Can you make sure that you keep the limits from the specs for the I/O side? Is the Power supply strong enough to power the additional card? Could there be any ground loop between DGND and earth potential through your actors and Sensors? Espelkamper
  5. Hi folks, if the log files are stored locally then you could try to lock the operator. So this is how to (assuming Windows XP as operating system). 1. The computer of a test system is configured in a way like that after booting the test software is launched automatically. The window appearance of the test program is set to "modal", which means it will always stay in the front and thus blocking or hiding other windows in the background (except for other windows with setting “modal”, which were initiated by test program as well). Additionally following these steps will eliminate the appea
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