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  1. I was able to make everything work, thanks so much.
  2. Thank you. I am trying to do what you proposed, but I am having trouble to call a VI remotely using the IP adress of the server. It works fine with a PC which is on the same network using its specific name, and by specifying the absolute path to the VI on the server as the VI Path, but when I specify an IP adress and a local VI Path, I have an error saying that the server refused the connection. I configured the .ini file of the .exe to enable everything concerning the VI Server, allowed access to everyone, etc. It seems that there must be some kind of sharing enabled between the client and the server for this to work... Or am I not doing this the right way? FYI, I use TestStand 2013 and LabVIEW 2013 on the client and the 2013 RTE on the server.
  3. Ned, Thanks for your answer. I am doing this for the production team. They develop their testbenches with TestStand and LabVIEW and need to access internal functions of the product when the enclosure is closed and can only do so through an ethernet link. We have a dll onboard which provides the functions needed, but we have to give them access over the link. From what I understand from this, it is possible to call a VI remotely if the run-time engine is installed and the VI's executable is running on the server, am I right? In this case the VI calling the DLL functions could be located on the server and called remotely from TestStand. Is there an "embedded" version of the RTE or an older and smaller version that could be used with recent versions of LabVIEW? Also, can we prevent the RTE from loading at Windows bootup so it doesn't consume resources when we don't need it? Thank again!
  4. Hi everybody, I am wondering whether or not it is possible to call the functions of a dynamic library over a LAN connection, without needing to control a VI on the server using the LV remote server (my server is Win7 embedded on an SSD, so not much resources to waste running the RTE). Does the "Shared library file is not on the local machine" checkbox allow that when using the Import Shared Library wizard? Is there any easier solution than implementing a protocol over a TCP connection to access my DLL's functions? Thanks in advance, Sylvain F.
  5. Ok thanks. Instead I'll use arrays of control labels tested individually in an auto-indexing for loop. Takes much more time to implement and is less versatile than groups but still, it works. Best regards, 20Syl.
  6. Any reason why using the "Grouped" property works in simulation but not when I build the executable?
  7. This is more than secret stuff... it's super secret private special stuff! Seems it was a lot less secret 489 topics ago though... Thanks for your help!
  8. I copy/pasted it from LabVIEW Wiki. Is this change supposed to automatically update my palettes with the new properties and methods the next time I open LabVIEW or is there something else I need to do?
  9. Don't worry! This application is not meant for production but for hardware DVT. I'll be careful I promise I have written "SuperPrivateSpecialStuff=TRUE" at the end of the "labview.ini" file. Is this the only thing I have to do? Because I didn't see any changes...
  10. I have activated the scripting in the options, but I can't find what is that ini key you are talking about and how to activate private properties... Also, I don't know if this is necessary for my LabVIEW version, but I downloaded the VI package manager and installed the scripting toolkit, but it never showed up in NI license manager so I could activate it... Further help would be appreciated!! Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, Actually, I've already found the answer to my question in an old thread in which I saw the following picture. Problem is : I can't find how to create a reference to a group of controls and neither can I find the "Grouped" property used below. The old thread dated from 2006. Was this feature removed in more recent releases of LV or I'm just too dumb to find it? Is there another way to interact with group members? Thank you!
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