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  1. Hello. I have a few products that I have released on the Tools Network and via my company's website that I'd like feedback on, for both overall function, design and usefulness, as well as for user performance/feature testing. Is there an appropriate place on the LAVA forums to solicit such feedback on code that is not open? I also have a set of forums, if it is potentially more appropriate to post here and direct to my own site's forums. Thanks! Colin
  2. Another solution is to direct the user to install the library as-supplied from the third party. While this may seem like another unnecessary step, this way the user gets the most updated version of the driver/library that the third party has to offer, and you don't have to continually update your installer when the manufacturer updates their drivers. It also reduces the probability that you will end up with two different versions of the vis on the host computer and have to sort out cross-referencing issues, which are always ugly. Dealing with different paths can also be problematic, so this technique allows the user to put the third-party library wherever they want, without you having to depend on a fixed path. To mitigate the possibility of incompatibility with new releases of the drivers, you will need to stay abreast of changes and potentially introduce version detection and management within your code for the third-party library. This solution also eliminates complications to do with bundling third-party software into your releases from an IP perspective.
  3. I've programmed one of these before, although I don't have the code at my fingertips. The one thing I DO remember is that timing is critical or it will choke. Give it plenty of time between commands/requests. Here's a link to what you should need: http://www.mksinst.com/vtsw/
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