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  1. True. I can't see anyway around it. Of cource the reason for a forced gap is to allow the mouse access to the cluster functions, like Reorder elements. What is a user interface that is so sensitive to an 8 pixels gap? (and must use a cluster-array not a simple array). -WDC
  2. I guess my reply got lost in the recent site crash. I was wondering if your objection to this was because of the wasted 8 pixels or because of the visable border around each element in the array? The border problem can be solved by coloring the Array container before putting an element into it. As in the attached example, which shows your method, system box method of this messgae and (smaller boarder) and method with no visable box at all. (written in LV6.1) Download File:post-2910-1139792348.vi
  3. Another method is to rearange the states so the groups are not contiguous ie) if States=A,B,C,D,E,F and cases are [A,B,C] or [D,E,F] = two problems But States=A,E,C,D,B,F = no problems and no extra states. Still a workaround, but not too bad. Just don't use a logical order in you state Enum. -WDC
  4. I wish when you create a control, indicator or constant from a Color control (anything defining a color) that Labview would create a Color Box not just a U32 number. If it's a color show it as a color! -WDC
  5. Veeeery nice! Wish I had back all the time this could have saved me. And this one's even in the on-line help under "Keyboard Shortcuts". Got to memorize that list someday. Just noticed ctrl-0 (zero) opens the font dialog and ctrl-O (oh) Open VI dialog.(and thats right on the menu!) does anyone use these? -WDC
  6. It is sort of: See attached vi for a completly polymorphic version that can easily be expaned to multi-dimensional arrays. Uses a reference to the array's element. But indexing is clumsy, so maybe room for improvment. Interesting problem. I've never had a use for this operation before. I can usally make an array with the maximum expected elements first. -WDC Download File:post-2910-1131208048.llb
  7. And the same thing for structures on the diagram, like Sequence, Case, and Formula node. -WDC
  8. LV6.1 flaged this as an error. This bug is new to LV7. Anyone know what LV8 does? WDC
  9. I realize this is a very old topic, but no one ever addresed it. So maybe you are still angry. I see this same bug in LV6.1 WinXP. But untill I read this topic I didn't even know the Alt shortcut was an option, and I use menus a lot. (note to self: RTFM) I have only used the Ctrl key for shortcuts. I noticed the Alt key has no effect on the CPU if there are no Alt shortcuts in the menu. So that's one option. And I guess in this case ignorence was bliss. Also, now that LV8 is out, I wonder if anyone has noticed if NI remembered to fix this bug? (if not move this topic to LV8 bug list
  10. Well it didn't help. There already out of the race. Great web coverage. I'm disapointed there's no TV coverage not even CNN Headlines. Much better race than last year. Thank's for the link. -WDC
  11. I think one of NI's biggest mistakes, with LV, was to allow diagrams bigger than the screen. Think how different code would be, if scroll bars on diagrams had never been invented! -WDC
  12. I also ment to ask if I can make more than one submission? (first-try-in-case-I-don't-have-time-later submission, possibly followed by a refinement)?java script:emoticon(':clock:', 'smid_13') smilie Would all submissions count or only the last one? (can one person get first and second prize?)java script:emoticon(' ', 'smid_22') smilie
  13. Is is ok to use vi's from OpenG or vi's derived from one of them them? (if the code is included in the llb you submit).
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