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  1. Hoovahs method is much more efficient then the way I suggested. I did some very rough calculations and added in a boolean control that moves to the approximate click position (you could make a more exact calculation and replace it with a cursor image. Graph Mouse Click Plot with Cursor.vi
  2. You could use a method like this to obtain the pixel color of the location that you clicked. You could trigger an event based on the color of the location you clicked. (ie determine which plot aspect you clicked on based on its color). Your trying to develop a chart with something similar to the trace plot functionality that TI graphing calculators have correct? Method.vi
  3. It runs on the blazing fast dual-core IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® processor and has over 6 hours of battery life.

  4. Oh I now understand how I could easily apply this to the Enum Displays updating. Also, I could use the oldval of the "X" enum in the event structure to check the validity of the moves and the newval to update the display. Thats a very helpful trick. If I combine this with more states instead of SubVIs then I could use local variables to reference the values of the enums instead. Thanks!
  5. Hey LAVA, I'm relatively new to Labview and I created a tool that allowed me to obtain and rename the bookmarks in a Microsoft Word 2007 Document through Active X using the RGT for Word. I have attached two VIs, the first is the method in application and the second is the method itself. It is important for me to point out that to my knowledge Microsoft Word doesn't allow you to rename bookmarks it only allows you the ability to copy or delete them. I believe that this method coupled with the RGT could allow others to do some easy report manipulation or programmatic auto fill of created fields. I must warn everyone that because I am just a beginner, my code is a bit lacking in proper style and the method application is a bit shaky, impractical, and tends to throw errors in its current state (I am working to improve it). I'm sure that there is a lot of feedback that can be given towards my code, style, and the inefficiency of the implementation of the method but the method itself is what I really want to share so that others can use it and implement something similar. I know that it could save a lot of time. Regards, Austin Bookmark Replace.vi Bookmark Replacer.vi
  6. Thanks I appreciate the feedback and I understand where you are coming from now that I have looked it over. are you saying to label like this?
  7. Hi I am relatively new to Labview (about a month of training) and I created a project that allows you to play Tic Tac Toe against an AI for practice. The VI itself works fine and you can play games properly in succession My problem is that when the main level VI reaches the second event structure in the Idle>Turn Handler Case Structure the player turn case wont register to start a new game because it is waiting for an event from the enums. I am looking for a practical way of skipping this because if I add a new event in the second event structure it runs the new game case on start up as well. Any help with the project in general is welcome as well as style tips because I am learning. I'm hoping that somebody can provide me with some insight into my project. Thanks, Austin TicTacToe.zip
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