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  1. Sorry if I was not clear. All of the vi's for now run on the same machine. The problem is that I need to control the states of all three vi's based on what states they are in respective to each other, one waits for a 'trigger' from another vi inorder to progress. I have two vis in a 32bit version of labview and a vi running in 64bit labview. I just installed JKI I will take a look. I am not sure what differentiates it from a standard state-machine although I know it must be more robust.
  2. Hello, I am new here. I am having a difficulty setting up a application. I have three vi's I am running to do some data acquisition, stage control and processing respectively. One of the vis is running on a 64bit labview platform. The other two are running on a 32bit platform. They all internally are statemachines, but I would like to design I way to activate certain states based on states from other vis. For example here is what I am trying to do, below is a diagram of the internal states and how I would like them to communicate: vi_A: 'Idle'->Do_SomethingA_1 -> Switch_vi_B_t
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