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  1. You can also download the LabVIEW 2011SP1 downloader @ ftp://ftp.ni.com/support/softlib/labview/labview_development_system/2011%20SP1/ but the downloader cannot find anything to download yet... still waiting..... watching...... ready to pounce..... AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaagh the tension is killing me!
  2. Take a look at the example at "LabVIEW XX\examples\math\visualiz.llb\Common Intensity Maps.vi". Mark
  3. Hey, great work "Creating" that new "SubVI". Did the Misses show you how to wire that up? Sorry, I felt a need to fill in for some of the missing smart-assery.
  4. Techie, I believe the benefit of the "property node value" is that it does not require a copy of the data to be made in memory like a "local variable" would. From what I understand LabVIEW keeps a copy of the data for each local variable in the code. So if my code occasionally updating a front panel graph that has a lot of data, I use a property node since speed is not an issue and I don't want to eat up memory with multiple copies of data. But if I wanted to quickly update a front panel graph with small amounts of data, I would use a local variable. Where is the break even point? I don't know. You can always test it out if you want to find the optimum choice. Mark
  5. I agree with Omar. You should check out the Listbox. It looks much easier to work with. I use it a lot. The JKI tutorial Omar references may be to much to start with. Here is a picture of simpler code to get started.
  6. I'm in! :thumbup: . Hey, we G the SETI program! .... SETIG? or LAVASETI? (pronounced like velocity) Mark
  7. Hello Martin I read about your problem on Info-LabView. I had similar problems analyzing data in the lab here. I was having problems consistently finding peaks when the data peaks may be sharp or rounded. I decided to build my own tool to look for peaks and came up with the attached Peak Search solution wired into your example. It has worked very well for me. See if it offers the functionality you want (or what you actually need as opposed to what you want ;-). Mark
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