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  1. the following question from Jetqin still haven't been answered: how does this line fitting algorithm find the initial subset of points to start? below is my personal understand for the question: Pixel Radius specifies the neighborhood pixel relationship for the initial subset of points being used. The pixel radius defines the maximum distance allowed, in pixels, between a valid point and the estimated line. The algorithm estimates a line where at least half the points in the set are within the pixel radius. If a set of points does not have such a line, the function attempts to return the line that has the most number of valid points. Can anybody explain the detail process of how it works?
  2. Hi all, When I use NI data connectivity toolkit to search database , I plan to use a multi list box (as a table) to display the seach database results, but I found the default output of the earch is a 2D variant array. How can I display the contents in a multi list box? Thanks
  3. Thanks Sam, I think you mentioned a very important point. But in the framework, we always took the queue refnum which been created before loop start, in this case, we can make sure very time, the enqueue function will use a valid refnum, if I am wrong, please correct me, thank you.
  4. I am not so clear about what you mentioned, the reference will always point to the queue buffer, whatever you enqued the element to(if enqueue an empty element array, it should not impact to the application running). I am realy appreciate If you could make your worry clear, so that we can make this framwork more stable. Thanks buddy, can you please upload the vi instead of picture:worshippy:
  5. Hi all, I just created a new version of Framework "GKY-Paralellism-3Loops V1.0"and want to share with friends here(see attachment) I am not so satisfied with 2 thing in this version: 1) the exit of 3 Loops. when a error happened in one loop, only after user triger a event, the application can exit. I plan to use event to avoid this in next version, but I also want get suggestions about EXIT LOOPS from here. 2) Error handling Loop was not added in this version, cause until now I haven't got good idea about how to handling errors in the Error loop, maybe someone can add this loop so that we can complete the framework together. enjoy and waiting for suggestions! GKY-Paralellism-3Loops-V1.0.zip
  6. Hello, I am struggling with the multi-loop architectures these days, can anybody share a multi-loop design pattern with the error handling loop included? Thx
  7. To be honest, I am studying the Xcontrol technique of LabVIEW, and I found if we can create controls by code, then we could dynamically change the GUI, it just a try. P.S I do not want to creating LabVIEW DE by myself, I just want to try the capbility when I saw the VI scripting functions.
  8. I want to build a XControl which could allow user add buttons by input button tag dymanically, I had ever thought this can be implimented by VI scripting, but finaly found the control can only been created in a new opened VI.
  9. Hi all, Is there a way to create a contol on Front Panel by code dynamicaly? I known you may say using "VI scripting", but I found the control can only been created on a new opened VI rather than the VI which have the creating code. Can anybody point me a way?
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