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  1. hi, I am trying to export a trigger and clock signal along with signal generation using nifgen.. I tried to generate trigger signal and clock signal using nifgen export signal. But I no trigger or clock is coming out. I need to use these signals for synchronizing acquisition of some signals using scope.. I attached my vi.. can u suggest correction for my vi manu Untitled 1.vi
  2. Hi, I tried to use 5122 daq using ni scope for acquiring signal continuously. I attached the VI for this. But the is not fetching continuously.. To fetch continuously what are the modifications required?? Can anyone suggest? Thanking you, Manu ni_scope_create_channel.vi
  3. Hi hoovahh, Sorry for my bad vi, that I posted. I graphed signals. signals are acquiring, but there is tilt in timing. Here I am using 6368 card for acquiring and generating signals. is this the problem of phase variation? I am using internal trigger also. Manu
  4. Hi, I am trying to find phase difference between two acquired signals. In this project I varies frequency of input voltage continuously using for loop and measure two output voltages corresponds to each frequency from my circuit. I need to find the phase difference between two voltages accurately. Here I used "frequency amplitude" vi.. but each time when I execute the program with same circuit for particular frequency, phase difference changes... Is there any other method suitable for this project to calculate phase difference... I attached my vi along with this post. Thanking you, Manu phase.vi
  5. Hi Jordan, crossrulz, stagg Thank you for your great reply.. Your help saved my time... I tried array subset method.. This is working fine in my case... Thank you all Manu
  6. Hi, I am trying to acquire voltages from circuit. I got a waveform that I attached to this post. I just want signals from time .002 to .007 in that graph. For selecting particular sample, what will I do? I don't have enough knowledge in labvie... So please help me. Thanking you, Manu
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