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  1. Hi, I wondering how everyone organizes their Subversion repository with regard to LabVIEW upgrades (e.g. 7.1, 8,2 8.6, 2009, etc). Is it better to create a new repository for each version of LabVIEW (so you don't accidentally recompile a previous version), or have one repository and create new folders for each version. Example 1: A single repository Example 2: Multiple repositories for each LabVIEW version This is just a simplified representation, of coarse there are other organizational details such as branch/tag/trunk. Thanks for the feed back
  2. Yes that seemed to do the trick "restart LabVIEW and build the exe again". It took a couple of tries but finally compiled correctly. It seems odd that this bug has been around since LabVIEW 8.2 and has not been fixed yet. The bug was rather rare but it seems to be getting more prevalent for us now. It's quite frustrating because we're always under the gun to get software out and the last step is testing the EXE. The last thing I need is this headache. Thanks,
  3. I found only one LVRT.DLL for each version of LabVIEW that I have installed on my computer (e.g. version 8.0, 8.2, 8.5, 8.6) and all the DLL properties say the language is English. And when I removed the LVRT.DLL from the LabVIEW 8.6 directory the EXE will not run so I can assume that it is not running some other DLL that I don't know about. Maybe I have a good reason to upgrade to LabVIEW 2009!
  4. I'm having a frustrating problem where the text is not being displayed properly in the Development environment vs the Run-Time environment. When I build my application and run it, most of the fonts are displayed in some other character set. I'm running LV 8.6 on Windows VISTA. I have even updated to LV 8.6.1 patch for both the development and run-time and problem still problem. A co-worker has the same problem if he compiles the application on his computer too. Even when we deploy the EXE to other computers that have the LabVIEW run-time installed, the problem persists. This problem is n
  5. + for some reason Vista's price almost doubles when crossing the ocean... WHY ? That's interesting. Perhaps Microsoft is recovering costs from their legal battles with the EU. May be the shipping costs are high because fuel is more expensive in Europe (VISTA is supposed to be a BIG upgrade, ha ha). Sometimes I just don't under the economics of things; like why do Americans get prescripition drugs cheaper by going to Canada?
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