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  1. Hi, With this structure, is it possible to handle parallel threads? Like let say that I have an application work flow that is like a state machine, but I also would like the user to be able to do some action on the front pannel (ex. change a parameter in a user menu, update a maintenance list on the front pannel.) Of what I understand, if the Action is busy executing a certain task, I'll have to wait that this task is done before executing another action. Thank you for your help.
  2. I forgot to tell you that that way I can still debug my application, but it's longer that way.
  3. Here's an update of my problem. The freezing is not occurring when I run the soft compiled. That's kind of odd.
  4. Thanks for the hint, but I've check and I mostly call functions from the dll without passing parameters. The problem is that labview can crash only by closing a probe, or with a breakpoint. It's like if the Dll is catching every labview events but don't know how to deal with them even if it's destined to it. Does this talk to you? Thank you,
  5. Hello there, I have a big problem here. I want to use a bunch of dll created in C#. The dll are used to initialize and read a temperature sensor device. I only have to do the initialization and close my vi to freeze it. Do you know what could cause this? The problem is occurring when I want to stop or close the vi. Any help would be welcome. Thank you,
  6. QUOTE(TobyD @ Jan 9 2008, 11:48 AM) Good idea, I will try to clean it. The problem that I also have is that I didn't have any problem with it and it's running for about 3 years from now. The problem is temporary solve when I restart the computer. I didn't change any hardware or software before thi problem occur. thank you for your support.
  7. Hello everyone, My system is using 4 cameras. this system worked for about 3 years and never had a problem with this. But now, When I start my process for less than an hour, I start to see horizontal lines in my acquisition image. Even when I close all my VI, this also happen in MAX. For the Xmas holiday's, I've turn all the system off. When I started everything back, My PXI chassis wasn't in MAX. So I've finally figured out that I had to open the PXI chassis before opening the computer. But, by doing that, I've lost some seting that I've manage to recover from backups. Is there a seting in MAX that could do this? A seting that could have a link with the image buffer? I'm also getting errors about the IMAQ acquisition that I never had before like "IMG_ERR_TIM0" Thank you for your help. I'm using a PXI-1000B chassis with a PXI-1409 acquisition card. I'm using Labview 6.1 Thank you for your help,
  8. Hello, I'm trying to communicate wit serial and GPIB port of another computer. My problem is that I see the remote ports in MAX/VISA/Aliases, but not in the Visa ressource name control. If I enter manually the port (IP adress + Port) I can communicate with it. Does anyone have a solution? Could it be a Visa version problem? Thank you, P.S. I'm using Labview 8.2.1.
  9. Hello Brian, I've tried to compact my database, but when I use the JRO activex, I get a null refnum.
  10. Thank you guys, that solve my problem! just one other thing,
  11. Hello there, I'm trying to find a way to compact a database with labview.
  12. Hello, I have a length that I want to mesure from a picture taken with a camera. My Phase 1 is just to display the image so the operator can see it and approve/discard the product. I need to give a tool to the operator to measre the length of the default length. It's too soon for me to do it automatically, so I tought to change the mouse cursor with a circle with a dot in it to verify it the default is in the critera. Do you know how to change the cursor? do you have a better idea for my problem? Thank you,
  13. Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for!
  14. When an event case is running I can't use other button like a stop before it end? See the VI to help to understand.Download File:post-3808-1152059788.vi What I really need to do is an for loop that I can stop before the end of the number of loop that is set. Thank you Coolaid
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