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  1. I want to use Tree control realize the effect of PerfactTreeAction.swf(attachment 1),It can: 1,use checkbox image as the tree symbol; 2,when I click the Item, It must change the symbol(if the symbol is checked image,it turns unchecked image,and vice versa) So I use value change and mouse click to achieve this effect, Program.png is my Blockdiagram(I can't upload *.rar file, if so ,I should upload my program) but my program doesn't act like PerfactTreeAction.swf: 1,If I Drag the scroolbar, I get the Mouse Click events, I don't want to get this event when I Drag or Click the scroolbar); 2,
  2. QUOTE(Aristos Queue @ Aug 8 2007, 01:43 AM) Is there some presentation(not only Demos) download? thanks!
  3. QUOTE(Jim Kring @ Jul 18 2007, 01:04 PM) Tks, Jim! Are there some tutorials about the using of OpenG Package Builder?
  4. I want to release some useful vis, and others can install it with OpenG Commander or VI Package Manage,But I don't know how I make ogp format files, use Package Builder? How?
  5. QUOTE(lraynal @ Jul 2 2007, 07:26 AM) Wow ,It's really cool, tks!
  6. In LabVIEW 7.1, If you Build a vi into application(exe style, for example the vi's name is testmain.vi, and testmain.vi include a named testsub.vi,you build testmain.vi as test.exe),then you can treat the test.exe as a library file and use "Libriarian List.vi" to list what's include in test.exe! But In LabVIEW 8.2, I can't List the files in an exe file that was build from LabVIEW 8.2! How NI orgnize vis in the application?
  7. QUOTE(Jim Kring @ Mar 29 2007, 11:52 AM) Let me know if you trip to China (PRC)! :beer:
  8. Yes ,I don't think that It's the Chinese OS make your program slower than English OS either. We use english verision of LabVIEW develop applications, and run it on Chinese or English OS, the effect is same.Check your program!
  9. In LabVIEW 8.2 , The Preference Dialog Appears Like Below; In the directory of resource\dialog\PreferencesDialog you can find the PreferenceDialog.vi, the UI looks like the image as below: and in the directory of \resource\dialog\PreferencesDialog\PreferencePages you can find all PreferenceDialog pages, such like prefPage_BlockDiagram.vi look like the image as below: so I guess the PreferenceDialog.vi embodied the page Vis User Interface,When user select one item, the PreferenceDialog.vi embody the selected page vi realtime, and I think this may be implement by subPanel, But I c
  10. No,I Probed my 0th element, It is one of table in my Database! Yes, I Can Create the Table, But I can not write data into a table and can not read it out from a table!
  11. No, I only can Create the Table, I can't Insert data! the Error Message is the Same! Yes ,the Created table is here, and the Columns is what I want to creat! It's only a test, so I am sure indexing out the 0th element is getting the table I expect and not one that already existed!
  12. Recently I use NI SQL Toolkit Connect MS Server, I use System DSN, It's OK to Connect the Database and It's OK to Create Table in the Default Database, but I can't ListTables and Can't List All Column's Information.Why? Please Help,tks! Then I use UDL File Path as the input of Open Connection VI, This time can Obtain All tables In the database ,but when I want to List All column's information of one specific Table, the Error described Below, must I set some permiition in database? why this error happened? tks! images below is the error dailog and the create table vi and the List Column vi
  13. After I redownload the labview 8.20 evaluation version software and reinstall it , I can open these Vis, thanks!
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