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  1. Another question: Anybody knows if it is possible to add the version to the SFX output filename? Something like: Output name="Teststand package <version> " Resulting in a filename: "Teststand package v" I would also like to add the version in the shell command. How to do that?
  2. Hi PJM I have experienced a similar problem that occurs from time to time. After this has happend a few times I tried to figure out what was happening and by coincidense I noticed that after a minimize followed by maximize of the LabVIEW front panel the problem dissapeared!?? And for the record the problem is even there when the VI has stopped and I am working in the diagram. (Here you will notice a slow reaction to mouse clicks). Looking in the task manager showed that the LV process was using all the CPU power. I have also opened the Process Explorer and tried to find out what LV was dooing but I could not find anything. It all looked normal (port access, disk access, memory usage, TCP comm ...). I think these problems are related to the LabVIEW <-> Windows interface and as one of the guys on info-labview pointed out it seems to be related to which window has the focus in the Windows operating system and the associated priority assigned by Windows. What NI should look into is why this did not happend in LV 7.1.1. on the same operating system. Regards Henrik Molsen
  3. Hi all you LV'ers. I am shure NI has done a greate job in testing LV8 before it was released. But as we all know large software packages has bugs. The users of the software can be more or less critical about these bugs. One thing im am very shure of (also from my own experience) is that programmers are not the easiest one to release software to. They will immediately start looking for bugs and they will shurely find some in a very short while. What is the issue here is how the manufacturer of the software handles the bugs found by the users: - Can you report errors somewhere? - Are the reported errors beeing handles seriously? - Are the product beeing updated within a reasonably time? My experience is that NI is handling all this in a very professional manner. BUT it has also something to do with the users acting professional and reporting the bugs found to the manufacturer instead of just beeing angry about the product. Lists like info-labview, the bug list found in this site and the discussions where you all participate are very important and I hope NI is with us on this list. Remember that NI makes a living of us using their products and we make a living of using NI products. It's a collaboration not a war! Best regards Henrik Molsen microLEX Systems
  4. When opening the diagram of a password protected VI the password dialog box is not in focus. To enter the password you have to first click in the password control before entering the password. Very annoying!!!! :thumbdown: (The LV 7.1.1 password dialog has focus when opened). (Has been reported to NI)
  5. Programmatically opening a VI in edit mode followed by run mode fails in LV8.0. (Works OK in LV 7.1.1) If the called VI (SubVI.vi) has the property 'Window Run-time Position' set to: - Centered - Use Current panel size Closing the VI reference puts the VI in the upper left corner with a size of zero !!!!!! (Setting the 'Window Run-time Position' to 'Unchanged' everything works fine - but then the VI is not centered). I have attached two VIs (Main vi calling a subvi) that shows the problem. (It must have something to do with the way the reference is opened or closed because if the type specifier is connected to both open functions it seems to work). (Has been reported to NI). Download File:post-43-1137077600.zip
  6. If the Context help contains CR and LF it seems that the text does not wrap correct in the Help window. I have converted some VIs from LV 7.1.1 til 8.0 and help texts with CR and LF are no longer wrapped which makes the text a bit difficult to read. The attached example show the problem. (Has been reported to NI). Download File:post-43-1137077186.vi
  7. The attached example calls a sub VI using Call by Reference. The sub VI has the Window Run-time Position set to Centered. If the sub VI is already open (for edit) the sub VI is not centered when the main vi is executed. It works fine if the VI is not opened before running the main VI. The LV 7.1.1 Auto-center function works correct in both cases. NOTE: The 'Window Run-time Position' is a new VI property in LV8 that seems to replace the Auto-Center property in LV 7.1.1 (Has been reported to NI). Download File:post-43-1137076817.zip
  8. When a Tab control is set using a local variable or property node the front panel object in focus looses focus. The attached code shows the problem. When executed using LV 7.0 everything works fine. When executed using LV 7.1 the listbox looses focus. (See Instructions on front panel) I have just mass compiled some LV 7.0 code for LV 7.1. This code uses a listbox and a Tab control (each line in the list box select a different tab for showing parameters related to the line in the list box). When I use the up/down arrows in the list box the list box looses focus when I change the Tab control and up/down no longer works. Code is working fine in LV 7.0 and I am trying to figure out what is wrong or to find a solution. I think that setting a Tab control using a local variable or property node is quite common so maybe some of you using the new LV 7.1 have experienced the same behaviour. Any ideas to solve this problem is very welcome. (Yes - I have tried to set focus back to the listbox using a property node but it only works if there is some delay of unspecified length between the two operations??!! The list box "blinks" each time it gets/looses focus which does not look very good). Thanks in advance. Henrik Molsen microLEX Systems Download File:post-45-1084512390.vi
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