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  1. Hi Everyone, Erdos Miller is looking to expand our consulting and integration business based around NI products. We are a team of ~35 engineers headquarted in Houston with a few remote workers around the world. We provide contract engineering services, consulting, training, and we also develop our own products for the Oil and Gas industry. To expand our consulting and integration business we're looking for two types of people: 1) Technical People with an Entreprenurial Mindset - We're looking for someone technical, ideally with LabVIEW experience, who's looking to take on something new
  2. Hey egraham, We made a full keyboard for the Reach Screen for one of our projects. There's no way around it, it's a bitch. We drove the reach screen with Python instead of LabVIEW as we hooked up the REACH to a linux single board computer. I can show you a video of it working if you like or answer questions. - Ken
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