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  1. Jose: I use this programm to calculate the estimate time of finish of our measurement. It is no exactly what you want but may be you can get some ideas from it. Download File:post-434-1101923491.vi
  2. HI. I want to make some mathematical opertations with matrix, for example, sum, rest, multiplication, etc. Anyone knows how to do that?? thak you Lukas
  3. Jimmy. I can write to an Excel file but I can not read a data from an excel file. I am trying to use your example but it does not work. Do you have the Excel open during the operation?? Concerning to the sheet, it must have the same name that the file??What happen if I have more than one sheet) thank you Lukas
  4. Hi I am trying to read a data from an Excel File. I found how to put the excel file in the Front panel but i coul not find the way to read an specific cell. I would like to know if anyone can help me in this topic. thank you lukas
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