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  1. Neville, thanks for replying. No I was not using any form of plugin architecture. I've gone back to using normal LabVIEW so it works fine now. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I already have talked to NI UK but they haven't come back with a solution yet so I thought I'd try here. Of course, it may be a complex problem but I was wondering if I'd simply missed something simple along the lines of "when you deploy classes to a PXI target always make sure you ...". As it is I have removed the classes and gone back to classical LabVIEW which is a shame because I liked the code re-use it gave but it seems to be working now so I'll leave it for another day. Thanks all.
  3. Hello, I am developing a PXI system and thought I would use OOP to do all the DAQmx calls for all the different cards in my chassis. It all looks nice and neat and works a treat when running in LabVIEW 2013. All my Network Shared Variables are updated on my host application and the host can happily control the PXI chassis. However, as soon as I try and create an executable to run at startup the code stops working, it simply appears not to deploy. There are no errors or warnings, the PXI executable simply no longer works. I presume I am missing something simple, like a missed che
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