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  1. Hello, Coolaid. You are correct. Note though, you can have events defined in the event loop (upper middle on the block diagram) which will en-queue triggers (blue queue wires). For example there is a custom event registration when the TLB' starts up that looks for changes in the front panel and then en-queues "cache user parameters" to the trigger queue. If there is a case for the "cache user parameters" trigger in the present state of the machine (inside case selector on right hand side of the TLB' block diagram) then an action or set thereof may be en-queued to the action queue (which is run by AMC pink queue wires). These actions will be de-queued in the action loop (main loop in the lower middle of the TLB' block diagram) and code held there will be executed to perform the functionality required. You can en-queue multiple actions per trigger if desired. The idea is that this happens all the time, and so fast that the user doesn't notice any delays. Best, James
  2. Hi Norm, It's tricky to say. I've installed the VPIM package in your prior reply and it claims all is well, but nothing appears in the list of installed packages for my 64 bit edition of LV 2012. So I tried re-installing it - without any attempt at removal - just to see if anything would happen differently. The resulting screen shot at the point just after the second install is at: http://www.iceamplifiers.co.uk/randomstuff/LV642012TLBprime_ss.png which I think only shows packages that already existed beforehand. So, very hard to say. It's not clear that any version exists as far as 64-bit is concerned. On the other hand it doesn't throw any errors when installing. On the same machine I have 32 bit LV2012 (same version) with TLB' that reports itself as "TLB Prime - Application Template v1.0.0.11 by NI Systems Engineering" Thanks, James
  3. Hi Norm, Apologies for the extended delay. Running 12.0f3 64-bit the download above installs fine with VPIM into the 64-bit LV installation. When using LV 64-bit is opened there is no option in the tools menu to create a new TLB' in the same way that there is in the 32bit equivalent. Cheers, James
  4. Hello, Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere but, is there a TLB' package available for Labview 12, 64-bit running on Windows 7? At present the package manager reports the link near to the top of this discussion is incompatible. Thanks, James
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