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  1. Monday

    Inspecting Your LabVIEW Code with the VI Analyzer - 3:30, room 17B



    Augmenting Right-Click Menus in LabVIEW 2015 - 3:30, room 16B (co-presenting with Stephen Loftus-Mercer)

    Inspecting Your LabVIEW Code with the VI Analyzer (encore) - 4:45, room 16B


    The VI Analyzer presentation has already been recorded here, and all the demo/slide materials are currently posted here. So my feelings won't be hurt if y'all go see somebody else's presentation (like Norm's) and just watch my recording later. ;)

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  2. That won't work if the probe VI doesn't update its FP until called again.


    I tried it, and the probe UI will update when the Fire and Forget VI runs, even if the probe itself is idle. I saw my probe happily incrementing while its owning VI was idle.




    The biggest snag will be figuring out how to stop the Fire and Forget VI. It continues running even after the probe UI is closed.

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  3. I am not aware of a way to script a dotted property. It's been one of my top requests for scripting for years now, because of how frequently I use the Ctrl-Shift-B shortcut in Quick Drop to rename a property/invoke node...I can't set "Label.Text", and it drives me crazy!

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  4. I am not seeing a way to get the key focus to always go to the first element (as opposed to going to the last one that was clicked).


    I'm also not aware of any documentation on these particular array idiosyncrasies.


    You need the panel activation if you're running the VI from somewhere other than the panel. For example, if you're on the diagram and you press Ctrl-R, the key focus doesn't take.

  5. The GetType.llb VIs were added in LabVIEW 7.0, and they were used to parse the legacy I16 Array type descriptors. 


    The VariantDataType VIs were added in LabVIEW 8.0, when we switched to using Variants to define data types instead of I16 Arrays. At this time, the internals of the old GetType.llb VIs were updated to use Variants as well.


    So there's no need to use the VIs in GetType.llb. They are deprecated. And it's a little late in the game, but we are planning on marking them as deprecated in a future LabVIEW version.

  6. Those buggers cannot be all facing the same direction, that ship was way too slippery to control.


    I didn't realize until a few years ago that pressing the thrust key on Slylandro made him immediately switch directions 180 degrees. Turns out to be a great tactical move for attacks with quick escapes.

  7. I had this exact issue when I added column sorting to the Project Find dialog in LabVIEW 2013. It's cheesy, but the way I handled it was to store off the column widths of the columns on both sides of the mouse down whenever the Mouse Down event occurred:




    And then on Mouse Up, if I found that the column widths were different, I conclude that it's a column resize, and I don't do the sort:



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