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  1. @Antoine, I'm using LV2016 @Fab, yes it is a great idea to include this as a customised test in the VI Analyzer. As you've mentioned, the reason why I didn't run the VI analyzer was because it will find any broken VI, which may not relate or affect to my build process. Regards, Jimmy
  2. I had the same issue when my application was running fine in development mode, but gave error 1502 when attempted to build an exe. Found the reason being a broken VI in an instrument driver class that I used in my project. The broken VI was an "Example.vi" in the driver class, however this "Example.vi" was never used in my application, it was used as a standalone VI to test driver functionality. Somehow having that broken(but unused) VI being part of the class that I used in my application caused the build to fail. By fixing the broken VI and build became successful. The same issue does not occur if the broken VI is inside a library. To prevent this from happening again to see the error after a long build process, I have created a VI to search for broken VI(s) within my project dependent classes before the build process. Cheers, Jimmy
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