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  1. Hi all, I am trying to start working with this library, but it doesn't look straight forward to me. There are only 2 polymorphic VIs that I can access to, but I see that you guys are using a wide variety of VIs that I cannot even get to find. Is there any "user guide" thread in the forum that I am missing? Can you guys address me or give me some hints on how to start with the library? Thank you so much.
  2. What are the improvements on this???
  3. Hi all, After some months of suffering and 5 long weeks of waiting, I am glad to tell you all that I have finally passed my CLA Exam, I also have to admit that I had never done it withouth fab's help, she is been driving me to achieve this goal Now that I do not have to invest my spare time preparing the certifications (this is not completely true, as I am already thinking of the CLED...) I will try to contribute a bit more to the forum.
  4. Actually it is not possible, drjdpowell knocked down the theory...
  5. I'd appreciate if you could you tell me where can I find that document. Thank you
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