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  1. Hi jordan, First of all thanks, now I already check the system manager and everything was ok, I formatted the disk once again and installed all the necessary software that I need for my app, I follow the same steps to recreate the problem and I did it, apparently my situation began when deploying and running my RT code, inside there I have a subvi which opens a fpga vi reference, but in between the scan engine of the target it's change configuration mode -> opens fpga reference -> scan engine active mode, apparently I didn't changed the scan engine mode since my variable in the last set scan mode was as configuration and when trying to enable the softmotion module produce an error, my code trying to recover from the error was trying to reconnect, then It restarts the cRio as a last resource, that's when the flashing happened. I just change that variable and everything run smoothly. sorry for my mistake but this problem let me learn a lot about fpga interface and scan interface. Thanks Javier Rocha
  2. Hi guys, I have a problem with the crio-9073 and a stepper driver 9512, the status led starts flashing 4 times, that according to the manual is a memory usage issue, but I don't think that's the problem since I haven't run any program on it, It starts when following the tutorial to use hybrid mode, I have I/O cards under an fpga program and the stepper module (9512) in scan mode, when everything it's deploy and try to switch the target to active mode it says that the NI Softmotion didn't detect the module, I restart the target and then when loading the module (when the leds of the 9512 start to come up) the status led starts to flash 4 times. I format the crio, install all the software (NI rio, softmotion, fpga, picture attach) and do the same tutorial, http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/12287236ED86B789862576630059572C?OpenDocument and when the 9512 module leds start to pop up, the crio restarts and then the led status start to flash 4 times again. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong here, but I really need your help with this. Thanks in Advance Javier Rocha
  3. Hi guys, I have a newbie question, I want to create an app that controls a stepper motor and some I/Os, I have read documentation that said that a hybrid mode is the best way to do it, so I installed all the "necessary" software to do it and only left me with very little memory that my code won't run, my problem is that this is my fist with cRio and I don't know if I'm using the correct software, I have attach a screen shot of the software that I have installed on the target and another with the target information. I'm using Lv2013 and NI-RIO 13.0, FPGA module and the softmotion module as well, is there another way or some NI knowledgebase that I missing, any help will be appreciated. I don't know if I'm describing my problem correctly, so if you have any doubts please let me know, I just want to know if I can save more memory because I'm using the wrong package or if my code need to be more slim. Thanks in Advance
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