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  1. I think we can place the Datasocket open inside the loop. It doesn't affect much.
  2. Sally, i2dx's suggestion is right. In the Front Panel, you can place the 4 buttons in a cluster and you will control them by the cluster. Let's look at my VI. I have 4 buttons: Configure, Read, Write, Stop(to stop the VI). 4 buttons' Front panel In the Block Diagram, you place the cluster into the Case Loop. Besides, you should place the Case loop inside a While loop with Shift Register in order to run the VI continuously back and forth. You make the case including cluster the Default Case so that the VI will hold on until you press any button. You can add 4 next cases 1,2,3,4 to make functi
  3. Thanks for all your kind help. @LV Punk: This is perhaps what I need. I'll try to make a beautiful weather station and show you my results.
  4. hey, thanks Eugen. I'll use it to make my front panel livelier.
  5. Thanks for your help. I'll try So, it may be easier than I think. @LV Punk: there was something wrong with your link, I can't log on. Yes. Opening the picture is really easy, hic. I'm fool. My project is on program a weather station. And can the background image be changed? If the data of this area is displayed, the image changes to this area landscape picture. Is there any VI in LabView which can do this? I search in Help but there's nothing suitable. How can I do now? Plz show me. Thank you very much.
  6. I want to design my front panel more colorful. So I want to add a picture to be the background. But I want it not to affect running the VI. So could you please show me how to add the picture or some image? If the picture affects the VI's running, so could you suugest some way that can make the picture operate independently to the program? Thanks in advance. I am looking forward to hearing from u soon.
  7. Hey that's fun. So I need more help from you. 'Coz I don't have any skill about that. I try to create something like that. I also have a task to design a virtual weather station. Could you send me that VI or some instructions to program and design it?Could you recall it? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey, your front panel is exactly what I need. Can you show me your block diagram? Thanks in advance. Besides I must create it as an internet website. Now I do not know how to do. Can you give me some materials for me to reference? Thanks much. I must design it through LAN first and then via the Internet. That's still the problem for me. So I appreciate all your help.
  9. Thanks Petr. I'll try it. Hihi, Neville, I know, it's really like your homework but as for me, it's a problem. Thanks anyway
  10. Hey. I want to create serial communication between 2 computers. I don't know how to create a packet of data in order to transmit. Can you give me some hints? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks Jeffrey. I tried and that's cool. Thanks Ben for your detailed instructions. I can directly make use of your .vi to my project.
  12. Hi. I am new to LabView. I have to design a circle which can show the direction (such as: North, South, South West,...) and the needle which can move like the picture I upload. I use the Gauge Control but the max and the min line has a distance, therefore it can't display all the direction. Can you suggest some ideas for me? I really appreciate your help.
  13. I want to add some more details. The assignment is to display the parameters of the environment such as wind speed, air pressure,temperature,... and they will be collected into one database. Each data message must include all parameters and the form of it is, for instance: 0R2,Ta=23.6,Ua=14.2P,Pa=1026.6H<cr><lf> Ta= air temperature Ua=relative humidity Pa=air pressure <cr><lf>=response terminator Can I use the serial.vi and modify it to transmit the message? I appreciate the suggestions from you 'coz I don't manage the communication via RS232 yet. Thanks!
  14. Hi I'm new to LabView. I have an assignment on Data Acquisition via RS232 from a Weather Transmitter. This is a big problem for me. But I want your help about establishing a communication setting. I must have two vi. One is for transmitting, the other is for receiving. But now I don't know how to start. Because through RS232, we must use string to recognize a bulletin(this word is suitable in using RS232? ). Could u show me a vi that you used for communicating or tell me briefly some clues? I need your help. Thank you
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