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  1. it will make stars for the string not the numbers!! plz test my program and check ur suggestion
  2. Dear all , Still remember my security system ! I have uploaded my code , the user must enter a password to open the door . but now I have 2 show the password in the screen as stars!! How??????????!!! I do not know how 2 connect multi string with one indicator ! I have tried 2 do local varaible but did not work . See my code I need ur help in displaying stars whenever any button is pressed
  3. I have project need a hint from you , I want to do Security System for a house so I am using Barbi home , the user must enter the pin code in labview and if it is correct the door will be opened , if it wrong alarm sound will be produced .. I am using parallel port and using switches to open and close the doors , But I need your help in the whole design :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$
  4. Sally


    thnx will test it now
  5. Sally


    thnx sir , but I guess u missunderstood me , my Main Vi has four buttons , the first called (Data 1) which is different Vi to extract data from DAQ , the second buttoon called (Data2) to calculate some thing in my DAQ , now if user want data 1 he will press on it but he can not return 2 main menu ! got it?? how can I back there 2 my main menu
  6. I am learning a lot from LAVA , I have seen a way how to connect Multi VI'S through one main . I was sooo happy to do that , but I want to complete my happieness and add back button to be back to the main VI , how? I have explored all topics here no thing related , give me plz idea Yours, Sally
  7. I mean from where did you get the Mode?>>how did u make it colorless ??sorry
  8. Really it is not a home work, but thnx dear
  9. I am intested in JFM way but I could not map the control to the array if there is any example can help then u r thanks
  10. JFM , this is exactly what I want ,, Thanks dear but how can I create control references ???
  11. Hi all, I have extra information in my VI I want to hide all of them , the user need them he can press in one button called " Extra information "to get those information . I can do that but for one infromation only I mean by property node then visible , but this will hide one icon onlyy ...
  12. Sally


    sorry my topic must not be titled with menu so sorry but according to chart it is also versus timee yes??I want to change x axis there is no option 2 wire x axis and y ?? how ??
  13. Sally


    Helloooo Lava memebers, Can I ask for a faor please? if yes Then read my question I have a graph , I want that graph to be displayed slowly in labview not directly , I mean I want to see it point by point , can I?
  14. CAN LABVIEW BE CONNECTED TO DATABASE???? can graph saved at data base??
  15. Sally


    THNXXX dear but I have already done the VI and thnx dear , but i have already done the VI with formula node and need 2 complete it !!! can u suggest?
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