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  1. I want to develop a C++ script server or C++ script node which it works like LabPython. So I want to run my C++ code in text mode in the block diagram of LabVIEW. Now I can run my C++ code in C++ interpreter of CERN's ROOT which can run without compilation. ROOT is good at data analysis, and LabVIEW does well in the data acqisition. I hope the two can be work together. So instead of data processing offline by using ROOT after LabVIEW finish getting the experiment data, I hope that data processing online when LabVIEW getting data. That means I must corporate my ROO
  2. Thanks for reply. I use the XP and Win7 to test. .net 2.0 is installed on XP, and net 4.0 is installed Win7. The MAX is also installed on the two computers.
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