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  1. I want to develop a C++ script server or C++ script node which it works like LabPython. So I want to run my C++ code in text mode in the block diagram of LabVIEW. Now I can run my C++ code in C++ interpreter of CERN's ROOT which can run without compilation. ROOT is good at data analysis, and LabVIEW does well in the data acqisition. I hope the two can be work together. So instead of data processing offline by using ROOT after LabVIEW finish getting the experiment data, I hope that data processing online when LabVIEW getting data. That means I must corporate my ROOT C++ code into LabVIEW which is like LabPython. It is better for me to have a script node like LabPython which can runn the ROOT C++ code. But I google the document about LabPython source code, and could not get any good result. So how can I see the source code of LabPython? I really want to know how develop a script node in Block Diagram of LabVIEW, and any document about this is few. So I will appreciate any help. Best regard, abc4329803
  2. Thanks for reply. I use the XP and Win7 to test. .net 2.0 is installed on XP, and net 4.0 is installed Win7. The MAX is also installed on the two computers.
  3. I want to use the Python extension libs such as ROOT (http://root.cern.ch/drupal/content/how-use-use-python-pyroot-interpreter and http://root.cern.ch/drupal/content/production-version-528), but it is strange for me to use the labpython. I write a demo.py to import ROOT(just like this "from ROOT import gROOT, TCanvas, TF1") which is running in LabPython, but it seems to crash for LabVIEW, but it can be used outside of LabVIEW if python it in the command line. And If I run the python script without ROOT lib, it is normal in LabPython. How can I solve it? My python version is 2.6, the ROOT version 5.28, and LabVIEW version is 2011. LabPython version is 4.004. The Python file could not be uploaded, so I change the name from demo.py to demo_python.vi. Please change it after download. And LabVIEW file is also uploaded. My ROOT env config variables are set PATH=%ROOTSYS%/bin;%PATH%set PYTHONPATH=%ROOTSYS%/bin;%PYTHONPATH% So after setting config variables, you can type the command "python -i demo.py" in the python installation directory in the command line. It is normal running, but you could not do it in LabPython using the same code. And My LabVIEW.ini is setting like this: PythonServer=C:WINDOWSsystem32python26.dll Thanks! demo.vi demo_python.vi
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