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  1. I already fixed it, but I presumed this should be fixed in the master branch as well.
  2. There is no support for fixed-point numbers.
  3. I found the issue. I was closing the type specifier VI Refnum, which I apparently should not be doing.
  4. I am making an application from which the user can choose to open several non-modal popup windows. The popup windows contain a .NET control. I believe because of this control the window takes a couple of seconds to close. This is not a problem if it happens "in the background", but it does not rather the main window freezes while any popup window is closing. The popup window VIs are reentrant and are opened using Open VI Reference with option 0x80 and Start Asynchronous Call. I understand .NET control by default runs in the UI thread, but Is there something I can do to have the main w
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