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  1. I got some help from NI Support who help me find the setting Minimum Edge Strength which I needed to lower to 20. This is due to my blurry image quality. I think I maybe need to change my lightning to use from above instead of from below to get this improved. I know if I would like to grade according to the standards the lightning should be from above. Also my camera has manual focus and aperture, which makes it a bit hard to get better image quality. ShaunR, thanks for your example. I saw that yo didn't manage to get the full size image down as you downloaded it. It should be 2391 x
  2. Hi JKSH, If you refer to the vertical bars the blurry edges is due to the printer printing the barcode. This is why I want to grade the barcodes. I have tried increasing the contrast in different ways. Using downsampling I will find the barcodes, but looking at the image then the contrast is not better in that image.
  3. In the attached image I have four Code 128 and two Code 39. I have problem detecting them without down sampling the image first. Since I want to grade the bar codes I don't want to down sample since the code quality is reduced then. I noticed this from that sometimes some of the bar codes are found without down sampling an then the grade is higher for those. Down sampling a factor 2 sometimes work, down sampling a factor 4 always works. I have tried croping the image around the bar code but this doesn't help. I'm using IMAQ Read Barcode 2, and have tried to change the p
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