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  1. Attached is the browser program I am working on. I am trying to cycle through the database elements that are displayed in the cluster by means of a boolean button. Any help would be hugely appreciated Browser.vi
  2. I have a VI that reads an image directory and the user can cycle through the images with a next and previous button. The image directory is stored in the SQL database just wondering how would I cycle through the images and display the information on the images that is stored in the database sequentially as the user cycles through the images? Cycle Through Images.vi
  3. I am looking to display images from an image folder containing mostly jpg images. I want to be able to display the images on the front panel and cycle through them through a button. How would I do this? This is what I have so far I just want to be able to cycle through the images by means of a button. LabVIEW 2013
  4. Hi ShaunR thanks for your reply when I insert the index array vi and run it I get error 91 occured at variant to data in my vi name. Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: The data type of the variant is not compatible with the data type wired to the type input.
  5. I have checked the string in the windows explorer the path works ok. C:UsersconorDesktopLabview DemosDatabase GeneratorImagesFilm3 that is the current path but when its read from the database it puts in those extra symbols.The string is stored as a varchar(max) in the database to hold the paths to the images.
  6. LabVIEW 2013 SQL Server 2012 I would like to read an image path from a SQL database and display the image on the front panel in LabVIEW. The database side works ok but when I run the VI i get an error saying Error 7 file not found. I have checked the directory and the path is correct. I have attached a screenshot of the VI and error.
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