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  1. It looks like you already have all the pieces... I'm not exactly sure what you're having a problem with. If the directory matches whats in the DB, you could just do an index on the path column in the DB data, do 1d array search on the path, then select the entire row out of the 2D DB data for display.
  2. If you flattened the data going into the DB you will want to unflatten it coming out. If you set the condition on the select exactly one element, you can index 0,0 of the 2d array and have your specific img.
  3. Another possible solution would be to use the Eval Formula Node vi. It's functionally similar as a formula node, but would also have the formula already in string format as an input.
  4. You are correct. Could set the image default after displaying it. Perhaps a duplicate constant is the simplest & cleanest way. Using the code above, you could save each image in a key-value arrangement using Variant Attributes or other data structure. Setting the key as [VI nameformula-name] and the attribute value as the image itself. Have this sub-vi load it's previous value on execution. Then a simple get function would allow you to see the images in the RTE. A lot of complexity for a simple multi-line string, but it would work.
  5. Can use the invoke function on the VI reference to get an image of the block diagram. This could be made into a reusable sub-vi that works off it's parent reference. Not sure of a good way to automatically determine the size/location of the formula node, however, so it's not ideal. ShowBlockDiagram.vi
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