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  1. Hi LogMAN, Thanks again. After added two vis, it takes 30ms. B/R Ancle
  2. Hi LogMAN, Thanks for your tips. I modified my code as attached image. It takes 200ms. B/R Ancle
  3. I used sqlite api to update my data, my array is 7x30. It takes 1.5s, is any methods can improve speed? Thank you! B/R Ancle
  4. Hello, I already uncheck "Allow User to Close Window", but it just show grayed out. Is it possible shows as attached image? Thank you!
  5. Hello, In your application, if I show title bar and don't want to show close button. How to do this? Thank you!
  6. Hey guys, Thank you! My idea is it can share to someone. Who don't need to add shortcuts again. If your guys can share your "QuickDropDiagramShortcuts" to me. That's great.
  7. I wish......please see the attached image. Can import or export the shortcuts from a file.
  8. Hello Tomi, In the below website, I just can found the slide. However, I can't find examples. Would you please tell me, how can I download examples? Thank you! http://expressionflow.com/wp-content/uploa...08/05/07/nidays B/R Ancle
  9. QUOTE(Jeffrey Habets @ Jul 13 2007, 02:17 PM) Thanks, Jeffrey. It works!
  10. Hi all, I attached a file. My problem is when I moved the slide bar, why the cursor index value is zero? Thanks for help.
  11. Sorry, my English is poor. I try to explain my condition again. There is a example. In my user interface, in special reason I want to put the Numeric 13 under the Numeric 12 on the listbox 2 and use scroll. The listbox can accept strings and it can use scroll. Is there have any methods can put the Numeric 13 under the Numeric 12 on the listbox 2 and use scroll? Download File:post-518-1092030592.vi
  12. I want to put VIs on the listbox and use scroll, because my screen is not too big to put VIs on it. However, the listbox just can put strings. How can I do ?Thanks!
  13. Because of my program, when the button A stay down then the program will full run(so I need the button stay down)and I will setup some thing in page2. Otherwise, button A pop back up, the program will stop full run. In this case, because I use cluster so I can not create local variable of button. Can you help me,please?
  14. Thanks, Michael. But my button's Mechanical Action must be "Switch When Pressed". Is it possible or not?
  15. In this case, I changed the program. When I click button A, it shows page 1 and 2. I click page2, but it always shows page1. Help me please. Download File:post-518-1090555008.vi
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