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  1. GDevCon N.A. is having its first conference, October 20-21 in Boulder Colorado. We are looking for presentations. Here are some details on what we are looking for Original content. We are not looking for recycled NI Week or CLA Summit Presentations (essentially never presented). If you have presented on this topic before explain to us how your new presentation is different. What new insights will you share? Promote learning over self-promotion. It is ok to mention your company and what you do or some cool product you’ve created, but it should not be the main focus. We are not interested in sales pitches. Are biased towards team-based development. We are interested in exploring team dynamics and the collaboration tools and processes used. Are grounded in real-world examples. Theories are great. Having a deep understanding of what you are doing can be very useful, but if you are going to do a presentation on theory, bring it down to earth. Give us some applications. Engage the audience. This is supposed to be a collaborative learning experience, not a lecture. If you’ve got ideas for roundtables or group discussions, those are certainly welcome. Where to submit: https://gdevconna.org/present/
  2. For a Door Prize, I have a LiftMaster MyQ Smart Garage Hub, donated from the Chamberlain Group
  3. I have found to me using the separated messaging work quite well and keep everything organized. in many cases if I have all the data kept int he actor i just use the private data what do you find cumbersome from the split send/receive messages?
  4. I have not tried this yet, but it is something I will check out as son as I have a couple minutes
  5. Thnaks for doing this, It is helping me to understand more of how the classes work..
  6. okay looking at some other examples. I found this one: if I understand it correctly. ATM ATM.lvclass has the ATM.CTL. int he ATM.ctl there is the information for multip[le Account PWs, Names and amounts. and when a function ( deposit or withdrawl) is made the ATM object is updated allowing it to reflect the change but for each change the Object ( in this case the Atm.ctl) still needs to be sent throug a shift register to track correctly with every subsequent change. I think I have a better grasp now and may try to write something simple based off of the ATM Class model example posted.
  7. Oh I agree, even though it is advanced, I have some understanding of how it executes. but starting small is the best way to approach it
  8. I have been wanting to learn this for the last couple of years but unfortunately everytime I have tried to start reading and learning, I always get a new project with a short timeline that does not allow for me to experiment. Well, I have finally decided that noew is the time to do this, while I have a couple busy projects I have been able to find some extra time during the day to start learning. I have already watched this webinar: http://zone.ni.com/wv/app/doc/p/id/wv-1766 I have started to look at the Actor Framework (https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-17193), which might be a good design platform for me to ultimately learn and use, BUT I am open to any other suggestions on what to read and look at to get a better understanding of OO. Thanks Jeff
  9. I don't post on here as much as I should. BUT my CLD was expiring on Oct 26th so I scheduled to take the CLA on the 24th (talk about cutting it close) Anyway, I took the exam, proctored by my NI rep. After the Exam he asked what I thought about it. I said I am pretty sure I did not pass, but I wanted to find out where I bombed. I thought an extra 30-45 minutes would help to get everything done. So I kept checking my Mail stop at work looking for that letter stating I did not pass and where I made mistakes Fast forward to tonight, I am relaxing checking my emails at home and see an email from certification@ni.com, I thought oh great there is my failure letter but to my surprise.. I PASSED!!!!! Wahooooo!!! I received the same review one of the other members here got: Style: 10/10 Documentation: 15/20 (Architecture/modules not documented adequately for developer to implement/complete functionality.) Req Coverage: 26/30 (Percentage of requirements covered = 85%.) Arch Development: 30/40 (Comments had 4 different "xxx module not designed.") I am Officially a CLA Now to convince work to send me to the Summit
  10. Thanks guys.. that was sort of what I was thinking. I will see what i can make work
  11. I was not sure where this question would go so i thought the general forum was a good place to start I have a LabVIEW app running on a WinXp Touch screen, What I would like to do is have the app look for an update (which would be in a specified directory) If it sees there is a new app avail, What would be the best way to exit the current App, copy the new one in its place and relaunch. The app would require that the end user selects to update ( the update would not be forced) once selected. I am thinking that I would have to launch a second app to copy the main app, close the main app, copy the updated version then launch the new updated app. What is the best way to approach this?
  12. WOW!! cool stuff.. I need to actually find time to play with my Mindstorms my wife got me for Christmas, my 5 yr old keep buggin me too
  13. I am working on creating a Datalogger fro one of our machines. The Datalogger with be a cRIO (9012) what I would like is to be able to capture the data to a file. The File will have either a MAX Size or MAX # of records, when it hits that max I want to be able to shift data, like FIFO I guess, where the first record of data will get deleted making room to the next piece. The other piece of this will be to access the fiel VIA a browser and do a (save as) or such so a user can copy the current file to their desktop. but the first piece is the deleteing records. Not sure if this can be done. Thoughts?
  14. QUOTE(eaolson @ Sep 20 2007, 10:11 AM) Hmm that might work, I will need to try it, I am using a timeout Event but can do this within it.. But this leads me to my next question in an event structure you have 'Mouse Down' and 'Mouse Down?' so if a button is pressed which event happens first?
  15. I am working on a UI that has a Boolean and a numeric, when the boolean is pressed and release the numeric increments. if the Boolean is held for more then 5 secs the numeric resets to 0. I have it working in windows by using an event structure with a mouse down to start a timer and mouse up to increment or reset the numeric depending on the timer value. it works great. BUT, now they want the numeric to go to 0 before the mouse release and still after the 5 secs.. any thoughts as to how to do this? Next part of this is I need the same function on a windows CE touchpanel, but in 8.2.1 CE does not support mouse down. anythoughts for that? THANKS
  16. Thanks guys,, I will have to get a hold of the App from the VB guy here and try it. I also have not compiled LabVIEW into a DLL yet, but I might get the chance now! I will update here wonce I try everything out
  17. On a current project I need to write a labview Program that will interact with a User interface which has been created in VB.Net. I need to be able to retrieve data from the VB.Net interface and pass it into my Vis and then port data back out to the interface. Is there a way to accomplish this?? This is new territory for me as I have not done anything liek this in the past. Thanks EDIT: Should read VB.Net
  18. QUOTE(Doon @ Feb 23 2007, 11:05 AM) DOH!! I didn't even think of that.. LOL, been busy on my end.. too.. I will have the guy I am training try it as I am leaving my current job on the 9th
  19. I have a string Xcontrol on a User Dialog, it is in a cluster with about 10 other Strings. when running in the cluster you are able to table to each Control and enter info, BUT when you tab to my Xcontrol the cursor does not blink in the xcontrol, you are required to mouse click int he xcontrol to get the cursor to appear. is there a way to set the xcontrol to allow the string within it to be edited when usign tab to get to it?
  20. Thanks there are some great examples there.. I ended up making an Xcontrol (partly to learn Xcontrols, partly as that will work the best) I have a set list of characters that are illegal and will be used in all locations of my code. I did what Aristos suggested, but I am not updating on every character, but after the info is typed it will remove the illegal characters, for me this will be the best way.
  21. That might work THANKS.. although in one instance I wait for the info then update a table based on the info in that string. but now I have a starting point!
  22. I think this is the right area, Anyway, I have a user interface and on it there is a String Control for the user to enter data. This data is used either in a file name or an Access Database Table name, so the illegal characters are fairly close. What is the best approach to not allowing these characters int he String control when the user types them in? There might be an easy way, but i am stumped.. any thoughts?
  23. CLA, yes but that will be awhile.. at first was like what is CLA, then it hit me.. LOL My work does not require the CLAD, but I wanted it.. my buddy at my old job said I should take the test and he was planning to as well, as far as I know I beat him to the punch, and I think he used it as early as 2.0 and was my mentor when I first started.. The great thing is I enjoy doing LV code.. must be a perk of the job..
  24. Well, I don't get here much due tro being busy at work, but I am excited that I passed the CLAD on Friday, granted it is only the first exam and I have been a LV User since 1995-96, but in my old job I was limited in my experience with LV. since I have been at my current job, I have been able to explore and try different things and can do what I want basically, since I am the only LabVIEW guy here. I took the Intermediate LV course this past June and felt I was ready to take the first step in Certification. but after the class I wanted to study some of the other fundamentals from the Basic classes. I took the Basics and Advanced LV courses in Jan of 1996, in fact I am sure I have my Certificates somewhere at home from that.. This was when the Basics class was 3 days and the Advanced was 2 days.. on LV 4 if I recall right. Anyway, with everything going on since June, Home and Work, it kept getting delayed, but my goal was before Jan 07 to take the test. I did it last Friday and was very happy to see that Passed screen at the end of the test. I do plan on the CLD test hopefully in July of 07. I need some more months to get ready for that one. I am not sure if I will pass the CLD the first time, which will be fine by me as I will then know my limitations to improve on, even though you don't get the exact info on areas that need improvement. I just wanted to share my excitement on the first stepping sotne of Certification!
  25. Thanks, I finally got around to trying this.. like you said not the prettiest but it seems to be working. Now I can starting working in LV8.2
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