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  1. It seems we have mostly Git Bash users here. We use TortoiseGit & LabVIEW (2013). We setup TortoiseGit with LV Merge as shown below but could not get it to work https://www.labviewhacker.com/doku.php?id=templates:software:tortoisegit:setup_lvmerge Q. We have several developers working on a project at a time and hence have the need to merge branches. Has anyone been able to successfully use the Merge in TortoiseGit? If yes, we will appreciate the sequence for LabVIEW. We got LVCompare to work with TortoiseGit. One suggestion is to view this video (watch from 19:50)
  2. The amount of information out there can sometimes be overwhelming. I did not do an in depth study since my team had made the decision to use TortoiseGit & LabVIEW. A good tutorial for TortoiseGit (I do not make a buck if you click on any of the links ) at Git Bash is commmand line version of Git Version Control System, TortoiseGit is Windows interface. I have been able to configure TortoiseGit with LVCompare. Instructions are at https://www.labviewhacker.com/doku.php?id=learn:software:github:getting_started I can connect you with more references, let me know.
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