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  1. I no longer use LabVIEW, and I am not a programmer anymore. Thus, I want to delete this account. Is it possible to delete my account?
  2. It turned out that tortoiseGit's diff and merge tools were separate from git. I succeeded in configuring tortoiseGit with LVMerge and LVDiff. Although I haven't really succeeded in configuring git with LVMerge and LVDiff, I think it would be better to configure difftool and mergetool than low level diff and merge drivers for LabVIEW. There are two reasons. 1) If I set up a low level diff driver for LVDiff, git extensions would launch LVDiff whenever I select a file in git extension's commit window, which is very annoying. 2) If I set up a low level merge driver for LVDiff, every "git merg
  3. I've search the internet, but it seems difficult. Can anybody refer me to a proper URL?
  4. As far as I know, mantis is not a project management tool but a mere bug tracking system.
  5. What about "TortoiseHg doesn’t support branching or merging. All of this will have to be done from the command line." and "The built-in server can only serve one repo at a time." on https://decibel.ni.c...curial-thoughts ? Does TortoiseHg now support branching and merging on its GUI? Does the built-in server really serve one repo at a time?
  6. Tortoise SVN seems to be the most stable, but I prefer to use a distributed SCC system. Since my boss is impatient and impetuous(probably ADHD because his son has ADHD), I think I can't afford to fiddle with SCC for more than a week. I read all those threads about Tortoise HG in this forum, but I'd like to give TortoiseGit a shot. The choice doesn't entirely depend on my preference but would have to be the more stable one. Which one is more stable? Should I just stick to Tortoise SVN for stability?
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