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  1. Hi, I am new to this group, so if the post is not in some proper format, I apologize. I am trying to communicate Agilent 8563EC series Signal Measurement equipment. Using the example vi of controlling that instrument, I am trying to modify it to grab the center frequency from the instrument instead of popping the value from labview it self, i.e. I am trying to convert the center frequency from a control to a indicator. But, when I am trying to set the center frequency from the instrument, it is not showing up in labview programmed interface, instead it is changing the value in the instrument itself to 13 GHz, though I am giving it 55 MHz from the instrument. The value is showing properly when I am running the subvi of center frequency alone, but when I am trying to run the complete VI, it is inserting a garbage value in labview as well as changing my instrument parameter of center frequency. Please Help! Thanks.
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