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  1. I know this post is old, but I may as well contribute. I'm not sure of your but there's a different approach you could try. The "DAQmx Is Task Done" VI I've seen it mostly in AO (analog output) operations, and for the looks of things, you're doing AI (analog input). Even though 200 ms seems a fairly long time for querying / software re-arming, I'd advise you to use a Pause trigger, taking into account your X Series can handle analog triggering (not sure if that's the case, but it can also handle digital triggering, as well).
  2. If you have your class and you want to create a pull right menu on a property node for it, you can use the colon ( to separate property items for it. Just right click on the class » Properties » Item Settings » Localized name. Also, on a separate note and since I'm in the neighborhood, you could also take advantage of the "Documentation" tab in the Class properties to change the "Localized name" from the default (in my case, "NI_VSA.lvclass") to something shorter or more meaningful. .This makes it easier on the eye. Regards
  3. Like Crossrulz said, it's most likely that your buffer is just not big enough for the rate that your data is being acquired at. This KB outline the main techniques you could try to mitigate the error. Why Do I Get Error -200279 from my DAQmx Read VI or Property Node? http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/AB7D4CA85967804586257380006F0E62 Normally, I like to use the AvailSampPerChan DAQmx Read property to see how much of my buffer is full, comparing it to the DAQmx Input Buffer VI (or property node). Most I the time, you can Read more frequently (decrease the "Number of Samples Per Channel
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