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  1. I mean obsessive by saying to be a geek there needs to be a target for the geekyness. How 'obsessive' they are could be their measure of geek-dom I guess. The point was that to be a geek, there must be something over which a person obsesses which also puts them into the catagory of 'pecular', ie strange to the general public. Such as biting the heads off things, which the term originated from.
  2. Consiracy 6: Zombies are fantasy! Zombies are real, believe! http://www.archaeology.org/online/interviews/zombies/. Be prepared http://www.amazon.com/Zombie-Survival-Guide-Complete-Protection/dp/1400049628.
  3. I too reverse those definitions. Geek is the pecular/dislikeable person. It is associated with a particularly singular obsessive personality. Starwars and star trek followers would be a geek. Intellegence is not a prerequisite. Excessive knowledge about their obsessive subject is. Nerd is a derogatory term for intellegent people to call them unattractive, which is one of its meanings. These would be the people that forsook social standing for the pursuit of academics in general and tend to be the ones that end up high paying careers.
  4. Whether or not 'climate change' is real is almost irrelevant in the face of other more immediate conspricies. I no particular conspricy order. 1. Stop breathing so much; You are making ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Respiratory_system? 2. Whatever your feeling on global warming/climate change or whatever they want to call it, Polution is real. Do not believe me; check it out first hand here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zug_Island Polution is bad if you breathe; See point 1. 3. 'Peak oil' http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/, unsastainable energy, etc. However you look at it, even i
  5. LabVIEW does not work with a "copy-modify-merge" method. That method is for text based code. Binary files such as a LabVIEW vi are source controlled by lock/unlock, single person changing code at one time method. How this differs is that in C+ for example, multiple functions would be in one file. Perhaps your entire program would be one giant text file. In LabVIEW by contrast, you have many little files that separate each function called a 'subvi'. With the one text file situation it is very reasonable to have multiple coders working on different parts of the code, different functions, e
  6. You are in the denial phase. The sooner you accept you need to wipe that machine and fresh install the sooner your head bashing will end. Multiple installs/uninstalls of NI-DAQ and now MAX has always been very bad. I did get a custom exe that attempted to wipeout traces. Even with that I had to fully uninstall everything NI before running it and reinstalling.
  7. I disagree with alfa above. Your definitions are off. There are many terms for rating attributes of the mind that are commonly confused. Smart is often used in place of intelligent, wise, or educated. It actually means sharp; as in a sharp wit, or when hit saying, "that smarts". A comedian with fast comebacks or rapper who strings together rhymes real time would be smart. It is a social, speech related measure of the mind. This is what President Bush was bad at. Intelligent is problem solving & logic related. IQ is a measure of intelligence alone. Intelligent people are often bad
  8. I thought pure data had to be passed in as a string using a stored procedure. I recall there being some issue with special characters causing failures using normal SQL statements.
  9. With proper source control in place you should not need to compare changes from two different developers or students in your case. Mergeing changes from different developers does happen in text based languages. LabVIEW works differently. There are more files for each application. Each file, called a subvi, is similar to a function call that would be included in 1 text document in languages like C+. Typically when implementing source control for LabVIEW each file is only used by 1 developer at a time. This is a lock or check out method depending on the terminology of your source control.
  10. After selecting additionl elements manually, following 'Init' requests, the arrays will randomly switch between the correct size and the size they were when you added elements. Once the vi is saved after this occurs, this issue persists even if LabVIEW is restarted. Download File:post-5278-1149869446.vi
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