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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, Can you please give me some information about how and where I can take the CLAD in Australia please. There is nothing in the NI site. Or where to find that information please. Thank you in advance if you know.
  2. Hello I recently started learning Labview and I just got my CLAD. My special thanks goes to Hooovahh and all the community Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  3. Senior Labview Developer (CLA or CLAD) Company is seeking a Senior Labview Developer with strong Hardware/Senior Hardware Engineer or Software/Senior Software Engineer experience. The candidate should also have experience with automotive automated test systems architecture and design. Company is a provider of electrical engineering design and consulting services to the automotive OEMs and Tier Suppliers. Our experience and expertise allows us to assist our partners with integrating their products into the OEM vehicle. Position Requirements: Coordination and management of all Tester Group related projects Supports Program Managers with tester development issues and customer negotiations Supports quote preparation/resource determination for a specific project Hands on experience in implementing automated test systems for electronic control modules Experienced in defining and validating component and system requirements for test equipment Ability to define project effort and task share and experienced in requirements management Strong programming skills in LabView Well familiar automotive software programming standards and processes such as CMMI and ISO 26262 Strong knowledge in communication networks such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay etc. Ability to understand and interpret strategy development criteria and application needs Strong vehicle electronic system background Professional communication skills to be able to present and interact with clients Organized project management skills Ability to mentor and coach other team members Qualifications: BSEE is required; MSEE is a plus 5 years of experience related to this position is required; 10 years of experience is a plus. In-depth knowledge of electronic control units and electro-mechanical control systems is required Practical experience using NI equipment and software packages (LabView, testStand, etc.) is required Effective project management, organizational, and teamwork skills are required In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and MS Project is required Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required Highly motivated individuals with effective organizational skills and team working abilities are required Pay is commensurate with skills and qualifications of the applicant. We offer generous compensation packages including a 401k with profit sharing and a generous health plan. If you are interested you can email me at Arisi@techrg.com or call me at 248-546-6900 ext.15.
  4. Hello folks, This is my first message in the forum, so I take advantage of this to salute you all, I need to prepare for CLAD in a very few time, it has to be before January 8 mandatory. I am relatively new to Labview, I am only have 8 months of developing experience (but no professonally) and mostly I have learned by myself, reading books and NI guides, as I had to work with an SB-RIO to develope a Control application for my final career work. I have the Labview Basic Course I and II but I do not know if they are outdated and if it would be a problem to prepare for the exam using these, unfortunately I do not have access to more recent Labview Core 1 and 2. Do you guys think that using the Basic Courses as a base-material should be ok? Also I read here in the forums that "Labview for Everyone" is the prefered book, but I have some other books and before spending my funds on amazon I wanted to check with you if they are more or less equivalent and valid to my purpose of obtaining the CLAD in this time. "Labview advanced programming techniques 2nd Edition" "Labview for Engineers" "Labview Based Advanced Instrumentation" "The Labview Style book" Plus I also have the Compact Rio developers guide and the 6 hours course ...ect I think I am going to use the Basic Courses but I need your opinion if I am going to need to complete this study with some books, and if this is true, would be some of the titles I post above sufficient? Please let me appologize because my lack of experience is causing some king of anxiety to the task I have ahead. And let me thank you in advance.
  5. Hi, guys. I'm new to this forum. I've used labview for more than a year now, and am preparing for CLAD exam. I found labview Core 1&2 are very useful for CLAD exam(based on the sample exam and sample manual I download from ni website). I've searched a round to download a full version but no luck. Does anyone here have the manuals? If so, I'd like to borrow or buy it. And I'll pass it to someone else preparing for CLAD after I pass it. Thank you a lot!
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