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  1. I now regret cross posting this. At the time I understood this was all happening after incommunicado from NI/security. I guess you can't trust everyone on the internet.
  2. I wanted to cross post metux's discovery here asap, and have a separate discussion. Metux's original post: The recent Linux driver package introduces a CRITICAL security vulnerability: http://www.ni.com/download/ni-linux-device-drivers-2018/7664/en/ It adds additional yum/zypper repos, but explicitly disabling package signing and using unencrypted HTTP transport. That way, it's pretty trivial to completely takeover the affected systems, by injecting malicious packages. DO NOT INSTALL THIS BROKEN SOFTWARE - IT IS DANGEROUS ! CERT
  3. This VI demonstrates how you can bodge a VI to accept drag and drops of files and folders just like a path control (without losing any mouse click/move event functionality). Path controls have an API for dragging and dropping Files/folders from the OS, or correctly formatted strings from Excel. While an acceptable drag-and-drop operation is underway the path control adds a dotted box to the control (I'm calling this a target box). However this behavior is not available for other objects such as panes or other controls. So Bodging time. DragandDropBodge.vi (attached to the original la
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