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  1. What do you mean by not being in the same task? I think I understood that as not being able to run them at the same time in one exe. I do indeed want them in the same exe.
  2. The slight delay between the readings won't be an issue, but I am a bit concerned about not having them in the same labview exe. The way I currently work it with my one 9188 is to bring the channels in through MAX and then have a DAQmx global channel running each of the channels in the labview program. The end use will have the channels from each module in the same program, likely shown in different tabs in the same exe. I am not a programmer by any means but was the closest thing available the company had, so I am not very good with this and really only know enough to get by on the current task at hand, so I apologize for the lack of knowledge.
  3. I am designing a new project and I need to know if I can get away with purchasing 2 9181 chassis instead of one 9188 chassis. I will be using a 9213 for thermocouple readings and a 9208 for 4-20mA current readings. The signals dont nee to be syncronized and will only have to read once a minute or so. My question is whether or not I can read the signals from both chassis at the same time through MAX and easily imput into a LabVIEW program. I am currently using a single 9188 to accomplish the same tasks at a different location but am trying to cut costs on the next project. The 9184 is not an option due to the software version I am running.
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