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  1. So I got it done now. My problem is that the Headers of the input file (A,B) were converted to an (0,0) in the output file because I have set the read spreadsheet element to Integer. Is there a way to exclude the file header and write (A,B,C) to my output file?
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    Reading CSVs

  3. I am now here. I do not know how to split the values from the array to the sum operator..
  4. Hello, I need to select a .csv file which has two integers seperated through a comma per line. I have to sume these to values and write it to a new .csv file with the two integers and as third position the result. I have a path selector and a read from spreadsheet and a write to spreadsheet element. But I do not know how to read the two values line per line and add those to values with the result in a new .csv file. For example: input: A,B 1,3 2,6 3,3 output: A,B,C 1,3,4 2,6,8 3,3,6 I hope that somebody can help me. Thanks for your help! Greets from Austria, Fabian
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