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  1. Hi hooovahh , Thank you for your help! My friend has an NI cDAQ 9178 with NI 9401, NI9215 and NI 9263. I found that the specification of cDAQ 9178 have below explanation: Is that the buffer I can use ? If I have buffer, does it mean that I can generate different number of pules at each sample time ? Because I can use the controlling of number of pules instead of changing frequency. Thank you very much.
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  3. Hi all, I am trying to use NI-USB 6259(BNC) to send Pulse signal to conduct position control of a servo motor with labview. The position control of servo motor follows these rules: 1. The number of the pulse train determines how many degrees the motor rotate ;( e.g. the angular position of motor) 2. The frequency of pulses determines how fast the motor rotate; (e.g. the speed of motor rotating) 3. The digital determines the direction of rotation of motor e.g. clockwise or counterclockwise) My question comes when I need to generate continuously a finite plus train signal in a period of
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